Everything starts with a Dot.

Wassily Kandinsky once said that “everything starts with a dot.”

This phrase perfectly describes the philosophy behind our name. In our minds, a dot is similar to a cell. So small but so important you will find it in every creation. Like the many small steps, you need to go far, a lot of dots combined to create the big picture.

We are dots tied up by our passion for creation

We look for meaningful ideas born out of creative storytelling to elevate your Brand. We don’t have limitations by genre or style. We move with flexibility in different areas. We work closely with our clients to think of designs of distinct aesthetics unique for each one of them. We emphasize the details. We maintain consistent quality in everything we do, taking care of our creations, small or large, with the same love. We are Dot Creative Studio

What we do


Dot Creative Studio is a multi-disciplinary, independent Design and Communication Agency. Our work encompasses graphics and identity, print materials and packaging, illustrations and icons, web and app design, digital experiences, advertising, and communications.




Brand guidelines

Brand collateral

Environmental graphics







Brand positioning

User profiles

Media planning

Social media campaigns

Content strategy

Outdoor marketing


Google analytics

Google Ads

Social media

Web design

App design




Art direction

Exhibition design

Editorial design

Content creation

Motion graphics

How we do it


With solid research of your brand, target audience, and competition, we uplift your strengths and goals. We memorize your messages to implement and lead them through creative paths to your audience. We always work methodically, following steps that ensure the quality of our services.


By lurking in the depth of your company, we collect all the useful data to identify the core values on which we will build your brand. Getting to know the vision behind is a huge inspiration source for us when we start working with a new client.


We combine all the pieces of our research to bring out the story of why. Storytelling is the key when building a brand, and we use it as a foundation in everything we do.


When we have our story ready it is time to bring it to life.
We can’t hide that this is the most exciting part of the process!
The design meets up with the strategy to create distinctive results
aligned with the personality of your brand.


The next task is to deliver all of your communication material to your audience. By working closely with professionals of various fields we ensure the quality of the final product.

The people behind