About Branding Part 1

What exactly is Branding?

The literal meaning of the word branding goes back to an age when humans used to mark their belongings to identify ownership. As you can imagine some of the first logotypes were applied on livestock to help with the tracking of each farm’s animals.

Within the years this marking habit evolved to something more than a method to identify ownership. Branding evolved to a way of identifying values! For example, let’s say there is John Doe. John is a nice and pleasant farmer with a great quality of farming products. People learn and talk to each other about John, his personality, and his products, eventually building a good reputation for his name. As a result, whenever someone recognizes the brand John Doe immediately recognizes the qualities behind him!

Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.

Jeff Bezos:  CEO and Founder, Amazon.com.

To understand better think about yourself. Your appearance and the way you interact with people create a reputation for you. Your looks are the brand image. Your ideas and the way you deliver them are the brand voice. The choices that define you, are the brand strategy.

A brand just like a human is a complex and constantly evolving entity. Your decisions and actions define the opinion other people have about you. The same goes for a brand. The choices of the brand determine the public opinion about it. This reputation is something that a brand can affect, for example, by communicating its original values. The whole building of the right image is branding. In conclusion, branding resembles the management of the general opinion people have for you as a person.